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About Gary Johns

Hi! I`m Gary Johns and I`m this very person who is responsible for the technical part of all the reviews and tests on this blog. In 2015 I got a technical degree at the University of California, and since that time I help people and give a professional and detailed overview of any smart technology.

After getting my degree, I worked for several years in a small online technical magazine, where I improved my knowledge and skills, as well as got acquainted with high-tech innovations. There I first met my future wife and co-author Tanya.

To be honest, it was her idea to start a technical blog. The renovation of our new house turned out to be so technically confusing, and it was so difficult to find answers about the gadgets that interested us, that Tanya suggested starting a blog with high-tech reviews.

Thus, we could share our experience with other people, and I started answering the most complicated technical questions. Nowadays, me and my wonderful wife examine several new models per month and help others understand the intricacies of modern smart technologies. The blog has become a real hobby for us, which unites our family.