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Best Deebot Black Friday Deals 2020

Deebot Black Friday Deals 2020

The Chinese company ECOVACS Group was founded in 1998 and has since been engaged in the manufacture of electronics.

In 2006, it acquired the ECOVACS ROBOTICS division, which specializes in the development, production, and sale of household robots.

The company annually sells thousands and tens of thousands of smart assistants that help people with their daily household chores, improving living standards, and comfort.

Today we’ll talk about the range of devices for robotic floor cleaning called Deebot.

Despite the already low price, many customers around the world are looking forward to Black Friday sales to get a device with even more significant benefits.

Last Black Friday, the Deebot robots were one of the most affordable and profitable acquisitions. On average, discounts on the lineup were at 30%, and in some cases, reached 50%.

This year, Black Friday will officially start on the 27th of November and last for the whole weekend. As usual, Deebot will put its products on sale. The most profitable offers will become the theme of our review.

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Why Should I Buy a Deebot on Black Friday, and Which One to Choose?

Over almost two decades, ECOVACS has released more than a dozen smart robotic vacuum cleaners that can maintain cleanliness in any home under the most complex conditions and pollution.

This year, the company introduced several new robot vacuum cleaners with different specifications and price categories.

Therefore, Black Friday 2019 is your first opportunity to get brand new devices at a discount.

It’s especially nice that many devices are low-cost robots so that everyone can afford them.

The average price of ECOVACS Deebot cleaner is $250. But if you wait for the Black Friday sales season, you can get an excellent household assistant with even greater benefit.

First of all, before buying, you should decide on the requirements for the robot.

  • Understand what functions you want to receive and what tasks the vacuum will have to solve in your home.
  • Mind the size of the house, the type of coating, the need for accurate navigation and wet cleaning, etc.

For an easier choice, we’ll have a closer look at some of the most popular Deebot robot vacuum cleaners and their estimated discounts.


Let’s start our digest with fresh ECOVACS models. A couple of months ago, the company released its brand-new T8 series. At the moment, the lineup consists of two products, one of which is Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI.

The model includes four exclusive innovations, not mentioning other excellent technologies used in previous ECOVACS devices.

Thus, the T8 AIVI is equipped with Smart Carpet Detection and AIVI Smart Object Recognition. The first function allows for perfect vacuuming of the pile and its avoidance during wet cleaning, while the latter system makes the robot avoid small objects like socks, wires, shoes, etc.

The T8 AIVI is the only brand model with a built-in HD camera for remote house monitoring. Users can complement the device with additional Ozmo Pro Mopping System and Auto-Empty Station.

We don’t have any official information yet, but it is expected that the product will participate in Black Friday sales. We are unlikely to receive offers with a discount of more than 10% during the sales period, although even such a concession will allow you to save up to $80. The regular price for this flagship is $800. Anyway, we’ll continue to monitor the situation and update the sales list.

2. DEEBOT Ozmo T8

Having been launched together with the T8 AIVI, the Ozmo T8 shares most of the features with its elder brother.

Thus, it offers excellent laser navigation with Multi-Floor Mapping, 1500 Pa suction with simultaneous mopping, electric water level adjustment and Carpet Detection.

The robot is also compatible with Ozmo Pro Mopping System and Auto-Empty Station.

As you see from the name, Deebot Ozmo t8 lacks the AIVI technology, but it is equipped with similar TrueDetect 3D Object recognition.

This extremely precise and powerful device runs for 3+ hours and costs less compared to the first device – $650.

Black Friday 2020 will become its first big sales event, too, so we don’t expect surprisingly generous offers. Despite the lack of official information, the experience of other newcomers shows that the deal at 10% off will be the best deal you could meet this November.

3.DEEBOT Ozmo T5

The 10% offs are also expected on another ECOVACS debutant Deebot Ozmo T5. The vacuum can boast of laser navigation, mapping function, and faultless pet hair cleaning. Suction, air treatment, and mopping stay on the level comparable with the advanced T8 series. But now, this pleasure will cost you under $600.

At the moment, it’s still difficult to judge what kind of discount sellers will offer us for this device.

Presumably, most retailers such as Walmart or Target are going to offer $60 off. Let us see whether Amazon will be more generous this year. Anyway, Black Friday is a great opportunity for us to get this novelty at a reduced price.


We’ll close the list of 2020 releases with Deebot Ozmo U2 PRO. The cleaner also belongs to the category of mopping robots and offers the same extreme 1500 Pa suction. Besides, users note unprecedented pet hair collection thanks to the special Pet Care Kit.

The largest 800 ml dustbin and 300 ml water tank with electric precise water control contribute to the list of reasons why you should try this device.

Moreover, despite its freshness and recent release, the manufacturer added it to the category of affordable devices under $350. So, an additional 10% off will make it perfect even for the tightest budget.


Deebot Ozmo 950 is an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner for both the dry cleaning and mopping of medium and large houses. The model has an excellent set of brushes, three hours of runtime, and several cleaning modes with different suction power.

The maximum power of 1500 Pa is achieved with the Max+ mode and applied to thick carpets. Laser Mapping Smart Navi 3.0 navigation also contributes to efficient cleaning.

Black Friday 2019 became the first sale for the Ozmo 950, that’s why discounts were not that impressive and reached 10% (about $80 off).

This year, the vacuum kept its a rather high price of $799 due to the status of technical innovation. However, the release of three new products makes us hope for bigger price drops by at least 15%. So, get ready for the Black Friday 2020 as you’ll be able to save about $100-$120 on this robot.


In August of 2019, along with the Ozmo 950, ECOVACS announced the Deebot Ozmo 920 vacuum robot.

This device also carries out wet cleaning, supports Wi-Fi and app, remembers the layouts of the house or apartment, develops suction up to 1500 Pa.

Among the differences, we note a little noisier operation, less runtime, and a little less powerful work. Otherwise, this Deebot is just as good.

Besides, the vacuum is more affordable. The average price for the Ozmo 920 is $499. As in the previous case, Black Friday 2019 was its first sale. This year, you’ll be able to buy this robot at a probable 15% discount. We hope that the best deals will offer $100 offs, but it remains to be seen.


ECOVACS Deebot 711S is less innovative but more affordable.

This robot also uses Smart Navi Mapping 2.0, which is a navigation of the second generation, it can double the suction in Max mode and is controlled through the application, but it doesn’t carry out mopping.

The battery lasts for 130 minutes of cleaning, and the central brushes consist of a combination of a rubber roller and a bristle brush.

The 711S adequately copes with the majority of the pollution, while having a more affordable price of $300.

This vacuum cleaner participated in the last year’s sales when the prices were reduced at $50. Affordability and stable interest in the model allow us to suggest similar discounts Black Friday.


The Deebot 500 smart assistant offers ease of operation, changeable modes (including Max Mode), a 3-stage cleaning system with a V-shaped roller, and control through the app or speakers.

Deebot 500 can adjust its power depending on the flooring and type of pollution. So it copes with any hard floor, low-piled carpets, extra-polluted spots, and resistant dirt.

In Auto mode, its battery lasts for 110 minutes. Deebot 500 has enough capabilities and power for regular cleaning of medium-sized rooms up to 1290 sq.ft/120 sq.m.

The vacuum cleaner also removes the hair and pet fur pretty well.

This robot is relatively popular among users, as it’s considered to be an improved version of the popular Deebot N79S, but such an extended configuration costs only $200-$250.

As you can see from the price history, the model usually comes up for sale with a 35% discount. Last time, the minimum price for a product was $180. At the moment, Amazon has several $150 and even $130 offers for the Deebot 500. Let’s hope that in November, the robot will be available at no less discount.


ECOVACS 661 compares favorably with a stylish appearance that fits into any interior.

The robot is designed for both dry cleaning and mopping, which makes it multifunctional.

Smart Motion navigation, double suction in Max mode, 110 minutes of operation, and intelligent control through the app, Google and Alexa assistants put it on a par with the best robot vacuum cleaners.

At the same time, manufacturers conceived the 661 as a high-tech, but a budget model for the average user, so the price per unit doesn’t exceed $250. The drop in regular price is significant since last year, it cost about $350.

Now, on the eve of major Thanksgiving deals, sites are starting to offer Deebot 661 at a discount of $40 to $60. So we have the opportunity to save up to 20% of the cost of the device.


Deebot N79W+ is a budget robot vacuum cleaner that can’t be called notable for any special skills or features.

Still, it has all the components necessary for regular dry cleaning of premises.

The robot uses a three-stage system with random movement and navigation, works up to 110 minutes, is capable of reaching 1000 Pa of suction, and is remotely controlled.

Such a model will cost you about $200, and for this money, you will get a cleaning assistant for small rooms with mostly hard floors and low carpets. Deebot N79W+ is a modification of Deebot N79W, the only difference between which is that the + model has a two-year warranty, while the N79W comes with only 90 days limited warranty.

The regular price for this model has dropped significantly since last year. And on Black Friday, sellers are going to make a 25% discount of $50. But if you want to save even more, we advise you to look for similar promotional offers at the end of November.

So far, we do not have accurate information on Deebot N79W+ deals, but we continue to monitor the progress of the Black Friday sale and update the reviews.


The Deebot N79S is another well-known model of ECOVACS robot vacuum cleaners.

The robot is designed to sweep and suck garbage on various flooring in dwellings up to 1076 sq.ft/100 sq. m.

As we noted before, in operation, the vacuum cleaner is similar to the improved Deebot 500 model.

It uses the same three-stage cleaning system with two side brushes and the main V-shaped roller, has several modes, Wi-Fi connectivity, and built-in Smart Motion navigation. The battery lasts for 120 minutes of cleaning.

The model sells for just $250. Last year, it was available with $50 off of the price. At the moment, there are offers which help you save up to $75 of the regular price.
Taking into account the functionality and characteristics of this Deebot, we think it’s one of the best Deebot Black Friday deals on budget robots we’ve seen so far.

How to Find the Best Deebot Deals on Black Friday?

So, you carefully studied all the best Deebot Black Friday deals, took into account your actual needs, and chose one or two robot vacuum cleaners. Now all you need is not to miss the best offer.

To buy the desired device, we advise you to subscribe to the newsletter of our site and similar hi-tech advisors. We continuously monitor the most profitable and relevant offers and promptly inform our readers about them.

It will also be useful to log in and create a personal account on those sites where you intend to make a purchase. It will also help you keep abreast of the discounts start. And if you are fortunate enough, you can even get a promotional code or coupon for an additional discount.

So keep your eyes open, look for new offers, and buy goods at the very beginning of sales until they are over. We wish you success in shopping!

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