Eufy Robovac 11 vs 11+ vs 11 s – A Comparison Review

Eufy Robovac

Eufy Robovacs have a sleek design and automatic cleaning which you can change with the included remote control or through Wifi and app connectivity.

These mobile vacuums can run on a pre-set schedule or with the remote. They have 11 infrared sensors, with pressure-sensitive bumpers and drop-sensing technology.

All models come with a charge of up to 100 minutes and will return to the charging station when the battery is low. This article compares the pros and cons of Eufy Robovac 11 vs 11+ vs 11c.

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Product ImageEufy Robovac 11Eufy Robovac 11+Eufy Robovac 11s
Model:Eufy Robovac 11Eufy Robovac 11+Eufy Robovac 11s
Size & DimensionsWeight – 6.66 lbs.
Width – 12.8″
Height – 3.1″
Weight – 6.66 lbs.
Width – 12.8″
Height – 3.4″
Weight –5.73 lbs.
Width – 12.8″
Height – 2.9″
Multi-Surface CleaningHard Floors to Low-Pile CarpetsHard Floors to Medium-Pile CarpetsHard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets
Max Suction Power1000Pa1000Pa1300Pa
BoostIQ TechnologyNo1st Gen2nd Gen
Dust Collector Capacity0.55L0.55L0.6L
Climbing Threshold0.59 in0.59 in0.63 in
High Performance Triple-Filter SystemYesYesYes
Daily SchedulingYesYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Eufy Robovac 11 – is a Strong Budget Robot Vacuum

The base model has 3 brushes: 1 rolling brush and 2 side brushes. These pair with its 1000Pa suction and 0.6L dust box to make sure that they pull dirt up from the floor and kept in the unit for you to clean up with ease.

This model is 3.07 inches tall and has a 0.59-inch climbing threshold to help it over the edges of rugs and uneven flooring.

It has the standard 3 cleaning modes (Edge, Spot, and Max) that use its 3 filters, one of which is a high-performance filter.

The base 11 model is great if you do not have very small spaces to get under but want something that will clean under the couch and coffee table.
On Amazon (US), the 11 model costs about $420.

Eufy Robovac 11+ (Plus) – With BoostIQ™ Technology

The 11+ has the same 3 brushes and 1000Pa suction as the base model, with a smaller dust box (0.55L).

It is also bigger (3.35 inches tall) though it has the same climbing threshold. It is useful if you want a faster clean but does not have as much dirt on the floor.

This model has an improved bumper and suction inlet from the base model.

This model is great for keeping areas that are often unused in fine shape, picking up dust and the occasional dirt daily.

As with the base model, this model has the 3 cleaning modes and 3 filters (including a high-performance filter).

On Amazon (US), the 11+ model costs about $250.

Eufy Robovac 11s – is the Best Editor’s Choice

The 11s is the slim model of the 11-series. With the same brushes, cleaning modes, and filters that made the Model 11 and Model 11+ stand out, Model 11s has heavier suction (1300Pa suction) with the same dust box size as the base model (0.6L).

Yet, it is much thinner (2.85 inches tall) and has a higher climbing threshold (0.63 inches) to go with thicker rugs.

Excellent for apartments and dorm rooms, the 11s is slimmer for more suction power.

This model can navigate a normal apartment or townhouse several times a day, which would be useful for people who have messy roommates or small children leaving crumbs all over the floor.

On Amazon (US), the 11s model costs about $230.

Comparison of the Eufy Robovac 11 vs 11+ vs 11c

Eufy Robovac 11 vs 11+ (Plus)

Eufy Robovac 11 vs 11+ (Plus)

Similarities between the 11 base model and the 11+ model for Eufy 11 vs 11+ are that they both have the same powerful three brush action (1 rolling brush and 2 side brushes) and their suction is the same power (1000 Pa).

This means that they have the same ability to loosen dirt and dust from floors and rugs, and then pull it into the dust box. Since they have the same power behind them, the suction is at the same rate. They will both thrust through dirty floors at the same rate and have the same battery power as any in the 11-series.

Though they cannot pull from tall carpets or dark floors, they can go across wood and linoleum as well as lower carpets with ease.

The 11 base model and 11+ are quite comparable in their ability to clean according to a daily schedule when you are away from the house or in another room.

For Eufy 11 vs 11+, there are more similarities, yet, because they both have the same climbing threshold (0.59 inches).

That means that they can navigate uneven floors and go over small edges between rooms in a single smooth motion. They are also both equipped with the same edge detection technology, meaning that they are smart enough to know to clean only to the edge of a stair instead of falling off, but they will go over rugs and through dips in the floor.

Neither of these models will go off down the stairs or over a railing, because of the 11 sensors that help them manage what is around them. They will not try to go up anything higher than about a half an inch, so no worries about them thinking they should scale the side of your couch. They come with more intelligent technology than to climb into your lap.

They also have the same three cleaning modes (Edge, Spot, and Max) and three filters (2 normal and 1 high-performance). They can both work with what is necessary for a specific spot with ease on your part, with the simple touch of a button on the remote.

They can clean along the edges of the room – into those corners and such that you would have to take the hose to on a regular vacuum – as well as pay special attention to a certain part of the room if it is especially dirty.

You can also set them to the “max” setting to clean a neglected room, and they can handle pulling up as much as their little dust boxes can hold. That leftover popcorn mess at the foot of the couch or the mess of crumbs underneath the table is no match for these models whatsoever.

The biggest points of comparison for the Robovac 11 vs 11+ are that the 11+ has a smaller dust box (0.55L instead of the 11’s 0.6L) and that the 11+ is a little bigger (3.35 inches tall instead of the 11’s 3.07).

In this way, the 11 is superior to the 11+, because it can hold more dirt – you never know when that extra 0.05L will come in handy during a busy day. If it means the difference between emptying the Robovac once a week instead of every three or four days, you’ll want the 11 instead of the 11+.

When it comes to maintaining the Eufy 11 or 11+, you just have to wait for the dustbin indicator to light up and then dump the dirt directly into your trashcan and wipe the dustbin with a paper towel or clean cloth. This just makes sure that your dust box is ready for all new dirt, and nothing clumps or piles up.

Occasionally, you may need to replace the brushes or buy a cleaning kit, which is easy: you can call Eufy’s customer service and order it that way or find the pieces online. Eufy’s customer service is great, and automatically connects you with a real person, so the process is smooth.

The 11 is superior in that it isn’t as bulky (the 11 is 3.07 inches tall while the 11+ is 3.35 inches tall), though only by a bit. When it comes down to getting into lower spaces (such as under the couch), you will want the 11 instead of the 11+, even though the height difference is only about a quarter of an inch.

In this way, it’s a bit confusing why the 11+ is bigger but has less space in the dust box, since their clearing height is the same (0.59 inches).

That’s why you have to take into account the upgrades that came with the 11+ to see why it is a bit bigger.

With the Eufy Robovac 11 vs 11+, there are also a few improvements made to the 11+ that the 11 did not come with.

The 11+ has an improved bumper and suction inlet. This is what adds a little bulk to the 11+: its bumper is a bit hardier, meaning it doesn’t scratch the walls so much and the Robovac 11+ itself doesn’t get beat up as much as the 11 base model.

When it comes to protecting your walls and table legs, the 11+ is superior to the 11.

The suction inlet is also better in the 11+, which takes up more room in the device.

For a better grip on the floor and more powerful suction, the 11+ is the clear winner of that race. This is especially true for people who have a lot of expensive furniture or glass near the floor because a better bumper and a better suction keeps the 11+ on track without damaging your home.

The 11+ also has a notable advantage over the 11 base model as far as suction goes. The 11+ can also clean medium-pile carpets. The 11 base model can get the job done of course, but it cannot do it with the same force that the 11+ has.

If you have some things that the 11 might have trouble pulling the dirt out of better, or if you have a thicker carpet or rug that you’re worried the 11 may not handle well, then you want the 11+.

The power of this Robovac is greater than the 11 base model. The 11+ is a bit louder, which makes sense because of its stronger suction power, at about 60dB compared to the 11’s 57dB, which could come as a hindrance.

Even though the 11+ is bulkier and has a smaller dust box and it is a bit louder, it is still superior for its more powerful suction and protection of your investment in the Robovac as well as your home.

While the 11 is a good contender for people with less easily damaged walls and furniture, it is also better for those who want more space in the dust box.

However, 11+ has stronger suction and prevents damage over time, which results in a cleaner and nicer looking home.

Especially since the 11 base model is about $200 more expensive, in Robovac 11 vs 11+, the 11+ wins out.

Eufy Robovac 11 vs 11s

Eufy Robovac 11 vs 11s

The similarities for the Eufy 11 vs 11s are that they both have the same size of dust box (0.6L). This allows for a very infrequent changing of the dust box unless you have a high density of dirt on your floors.

For the most part, a dust box this size can hold about 2 party-size bags of small candies (yes, that is a lot!) so most people will only have to empty it about once a week.

This is obviously different for those who have kids, pets that shed a lot, or roommates who drop 2 full party-size bags of candy on the floor daily. However, the average household’s needs are lower.

The maintenance for these two models is the same as well: the dust box is the same size, so the dustbin indicator will light up when they are at capacity, and you just need to empty and wipe the dust box out.
For extra brushes or cleaning supplies for these models, it is the same as with the 11 vs 11+: call customer support or find the parts yourself online.

Another similarity in Eufy 11 vs 11s is that they have all the same cleaning features (3 brushes, 3 cleaning settings, 3 filters) and they both have the same navigational technology. The same power is behind the cleaning abilities of these two models.

They will both be able to clean up dropped pet food in a snap with the “spot” cleaning mode, as well as run on “max” until the entire house is clean if someone decides to tell you that he or she is dropping by.

These models can also do the same job of keeping the house clean with the automatic settings to tell them a certain time of day to clean. They will power through the cereal and ramen crumbs and chip fragments your messy roommate left. In that, they are even. Yet the 11s can do these tasks with much more efficiency.

The points of comparison for the Robovac 11 vs 11s are many and the 11s comes out on top in all. The 11s is only 2.85 inches tall, almost a quarter of an inch (0.22 inches) shorter than the base 11 model, which is 3.07 inches tall.

This height difference makes the 11s capable of going under even lower furniture with ease. That is, after all, why the 11s is the “slim”: it is slimmer than the base model.

The 11s also has a higher climbing threshold (0.63 inches compared to the 11’s 0.59) which gives a bit more of an edge for the Robovac to get over doorways and the plastic coverings that protect your cords.

So, if you do not have a lot of things for the Robovac to get over, you might not need this extra feature, but it is useful if you have rugs that are a bit too much for the base model.

The 11+ also has a notable advantage over the 11 base model as far as suction goes. Built with the suction inlet upgrade of the 11+ in mind, the 11s can also clean medium-pile carpets, so it can move over different types of flooring with immense ease.

Additionally, the 11s has 1300Pa instead of the 11’s 1000Pa suction, so it can clean even deeper, faster, and stronger. The extra 300Pa suction (which is about 130% of the power that the 11 base model has) gives the 11s that edge in the competition to do the same work in much less time and to do it better.

The 11 base model can get the job done of course, but it cannot do it with the same force that the 11s has.

If you have some things that the 11 might have trouble pulling the dirt out of, or if you have a thicker carpet or rug that you’re worried the 11 may not handle well, then you want the 11s. The power of this Robovac is greater than the 11 base model, with less noise.

Then there’s the last piece of comparison for the Robovac 11 vs 11s, which is the sound they make. It is a slight difference, but the 11s is quieter than the base model, coming in at 55dB instead of the 11’s 57dB.

When you are on the phone or trying to rest while the Robovac is running, the 2-decibel difference is notable. The 11s is less likely to wake the baby – or your sleeping nocturnal roommate.

If you don’t need those extra silent features or you only run the Robovac when you and everyone else are away from the house, then you can get the 11 and be content. But, for those who need it, the 11s offers a quieter clean.

Also, the 11s is only $230 and the base 11 model is $420.

When it comes to the 11 vs 11s, the 11s is the clear winner on all fronts.


The 11s is the best choice out of these three models.

It has more features than the 11+ and the 11 base model for a more affordable price. It is stronger, quieter, and slimmer than the other models and yet has a higher climbing threshold. It has more suction power and can handle medium-pile carpets, which the 11 base model cannot. It is quieter than either of the other models, but especially the 11+.

Even with these additional features, the 11s model is $200 less than the base model and $20 less than the 11+. Since the 11s has many improvements over the other two models, at a lower price, the 11s is the winner of this comparison.

Eufy Robovac 11 vs 11+ vs 11 s – A Comparison Review
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