iLIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaners Comparison Review


If you look at the market, iLIFE robot vacuum cleaners seem to be the talk of tow especially with the company’s recent release of two new models; iLIFE A8 and iLIFE V8s. Their main strength is the 2-in-1 functionality and most importantly, the affordability.

A few years ago, iLIFE robots were looked down upon as cheap Chinese stuff, but today, they make headlines.

Recently, they got featured in the in the 2018 CES after releasing the new iLIFE A8s in the 51st Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

If you are looking for value for money, this is one area you should major your search. But the biggest question remains, what is the best iLIFE robot vacuum cleaner?

In the market, you are going to find almost ten different iLIFE robot vacuum models. Each has its unique features and is suited for various cleaning needs. That said, shopping for an iLIFE vacuum may be just as hard as buying for a Roomba, Neato or any other popular model.

But we decided to make things easier for shoppers by comparing the different iLIFE models. So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the complete iLIFE comparison review. But just before we get into the details, a short overview of iLIFE would do us right.

About iLIFE

iLIFE, also known as Chuwi in the market, is a Chinese brand that manufactures robot vacuum cleaners. It was established in 2007, and a decade down the line, it ranks with the likes of Roombas and Botvacs.
But what makes iLIFE a leading brand is the combination of vacuuming and mopping in one small robot vacuum. This is something the likes of iRobot and Neato Robotics haven’t done yet.

Headquartered in Shenzhen China, iLIFE has several distribution networks, globally including warehouses and aftersales centers in the US, Russia, Germany, and the UK among others. Their product portfolio comprises the A Series and the V Series with the A8s and V8s being the latest model in each series respectively.

iLIFE is among the cheapest brands you will get in the market. The robots retail from $100 – $300 and still offer quite some excellent performance.

Having looked at the company profile, it’s time we review the models in short before comparing them head-on.

One thing you will note about iLIFE is that it has two major product lines; the A-Series and V-Series.

Let’s see what each has to offer. We also had the old X Series that was discontinued buy you may still find models like iLIFE X5 in the market.

iLIFE A Series; iLIFE A4s vs. A6 vs. A7 vs. A8 vs. A40

The A-Series consists of the A4s, A6, A7, A8s and the little-known A40. The A-Series iLIFE robot vacuums have been designed to sweep and vacuum and don’t have mopping.

They are best known as carpet cleaners but are they up to the task? We will find out that later on. For now, let’s review the A-Series models.

  Budget ChoiceNice ChoiceBest ChoiceGood ChoiceClever Choice
Cleaning SystemCyclonePowerCyclonePowerCyclonePowerCyclonePowerCyclonePower
Cleaning Modes44544
MotorGen 2 motorGen 2 motorGen 3 Nidec® brushless motorGen 3 Nidec® brushless motorGen 3 Nidec® brushless motor
Suction power1000Pa1000Pa1200Pa1200Pa1200Pa
MAX modeYesYesYesYesYes
BrushMain + side brushMain + side brushMain + side brushMain + side brushMain + side brush
FilterHEPA-styleHEPA-styleTri-layer HEPA-styleTri-layer HEPA-styleHEPA-style
Bin size0.45L0.3 L0.6 L0.3 L0.3 L
BatteryLi-Ion 2600 mAhLi-Ion 2600 mAhLi-Ion 2600 mAhLi-Ion 2600 mAhLi-Ion 2600 mAh
Battery runtime120 – 140 mins140 – 160 mins120 mins120 mins120 mins
Recharge300 mins300 mins300 mins300 mins + resume300 mins
Cleaning area2100 sq.ft.2200 sq.ft.2000 sq.ft.2100 sq.ft.2000 sq.ft.
NavigationAdvanced sensorsAdvanced sensorsAdvanced sensorsPanoView CV-SLAMAdvanced sensors
Boundary markingNoElectrowallNoNoNo
Floor mappingRandomRandomMethodicalMethodicalRandom
SmartNoNoYes, 2.4GHz Wi-FiNoNo
Voice AssistantNoNoNoi-VoiceNo
IR RemoteYesYesYesYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

ILIFE A4 vs. A4s – An Entry Level A-Series Model

This is an entry level A-Series model that was released together with the base version, the ILIFE A4. The two vacuum cleaners share quite a lot the only difference being that the A4s comes with upgraded tangle free system and mini-room mode.

The tangle-free system makes it an excellent vacuum for pets as it prevents the brush from tangling, a major headache for long-hair dog owners.

The mini-room mode, on the other hand, the mini-room mode allows homeowners to have specific rooms cleaned thoroughly than the others. Otherwise, all the other features are intact the notable one being the high suction. It delivers 1000Pa which ensures deep carpet cleaning.

While the A4s may not be the very best for carpet cleaning, it can’t be compared to the V Series robot vacuums. But still, the random navigation and occasional falls of the stairs are a piss off!

In the market, please note that you will find the iLIFE A4 which is the original model and iLIFE A4s the recent upgrade that phased out the former. The A4s comes with two extra features; Mini-room mode and a tangle-free system.

iLIFE A6 – The Best iLIFE Robot Vacuum for Carpets

This robot vacuum enjoyed quite some cordial time as the best iLIFE robot vacuum for carpets.

The A6 boasts a slim design; at 2.8-inches, it is among the thinnest robot vacuums in the market.

The Gen 2 CyclonePower cleaning system, on the other hand, guarantees all-round cleaning; from hard floors to carpets. Particularly on carpets, the A6 can collect quote some considerable dust in a freshly vacuumed heavy carpet.

This brings me to the point, while the A4s can be fronted as a good carpet vacuum, it only works on thin carpets. Otherwise, for heavy carpets, leave the job to the A6.

I also like the extended runtime, over 160 minutes making it great for large apartments. The Electrowall also comes in handy when you want to set boundaries.
Unfortunately, the ILIFE A6 lacks Wi-Fi just like the rest of the above models.

iLIFE A7 – Smart ILIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is another little-known robot vacuum cleaner that comes with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. This makes it a very powerful ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner now that it is the only Smart ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner.

The iLIFE A7 boasts a massive 0.6L dust bin and a waterproof interface that shields internal components from splashes.

This model comes with a Gen 3 motor that runs on two modes just like the rest of the ILIFE A-Series vacuum cleaners. The A7 is superior on carpets, hard floors, and pet hair.

But still, you won’t get the very best filtration as the filters are HEPA-style and not true HEPA.

Though it is still SLAM navigation, I like the Zoning feature; at least it enables the A7 to clean in a somewhat methodical pattern.

Unfortunately, it is quite expensive, actually over $500 but I’m glad its performance is worth.

iLIFE A8 – Robot Vacuum Full View Camera Navigation

The A8 represents a shift in the iLIFE robot vacuum models. What is unique about this latest A-Series model is the VSLAM navigation.

It was time for iLIFE to take in the footsteps of Roomba and combine sensor signals and real-time cameras for more precise and intelligent navigation.

I’m happy to report that finally, iLIFE has a vacuum cleaner that will work in high traffic rooms. The other vacuums had a little trouble in households with a lot of furniture.

Regarding cleaning performance, expect the best from the Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system and a 2600 mAh battery.

It does a great job on hard floors, carpets, pet hair as well as allergens.

But on the downside, the iLIFE A8 lacks any boundary marking feature like Electrowalls in the ILIFE A6. This is a feature any good vacuum cleaner ought to have!

ILIFE A40 – A Pretty New Model

This is a pretty new model that debuted in the Chinese market in May 2018. It sports a slimmer design finished in glossy white with a black strip around it.

Though we have not been able to lay our hands on it, there are a few things we are sure of about it.

First, this is a model that has been built with carpet owners in mind. It comes with a V-shaped brush with tough bristles that can work through the heavy carpet fabric and with the heavy suction power in Max mode, all the dirt is vacuumed.

It also operates on very minimal noise thanks to a fully enclosed Nidec brushless motor that is also very efficient without compromising performance.

For now, let’s wait for it to debut in the US, and we will surely review it in depth.


Now that we have schemed through the popular A Series models, it is time we compare them a little bit. This compassion might help you decide on the best ILIFE A-Series vacuum to choose.

So, without further ado, let’s get to business.

ILIFE A4s vs. A6

ILIFE A4s vs. A6

The A4s and A6 have been in the market for quite a long time as robot vacuum cleaners only; they don’t mop.

The duo is known for its excellent carpet cleaning capabilities courtesy of the strong suction power.

They also clean pet hair quite well, and this is the same for allergens.

However, in as much as there seem to be a lot of similarities between the two models, they have several differences as illustrated in the table below.

  Budget ChoiceBest Choice
Product ImageILIFE A4sILIFE A6
Bin size0.45L0.3 L
Boundary markingNoElectrowall
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The first notable difference is in the design; ILIFE A6 is thinner, standing at 2.8-inches whereas the A4sw stands at 3-inches; a very negligible difference but one that can matter at times. ILIFE A6 also comes with Electrowalls, a boundary marking technology that only the new ILIFE V55s has.

While the A4s might look the underdog in this A6 vs. A4s battle, it also has the edge over the A6. ILIFE built the A4 s with a larger 0.45L dustbin compared to the 0.4L bin in the A6.

iLIFE A6 vs. A4s Winner – The iLIFE A6 is the winner because Electrowalls is a much-needed feature than a larger dust bin. The slim of the A6 also makes it the best creeper. However, the ILIFE A4s is still a good purchase, especially if you are on a budget. It offers just the same cleaning performance as ILIFE A6.



The ILIFE A7 is a new entrant in the market, and it is undoubtedly giving the ILIFE A6 a run for its money. They are both vacuum-only iLIFE robots for hardwood floors, tile, carpets, pet hair, and allergens. The price is also in the same region.
But how does the A7 compare to the A6? Let’s find out.

 Good ChoiceBest Choice
Product ImageILIFE A6ILIFE A7
Cleaning Modes45
MotorGen 2 motorGen 3 Nidec® brushless motor
Suction power1000Pa1200Pa
Bin size0.3 L0.6 L
Boundary markingElectrowallNo
Wi-FiNoYes, 2.4GHz
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The first difference is the design where the A6 carries the day again. But still, on design, the A7 pulls back one with a larger 0.6L dustbin which is twice the size of that in the A6. Again, the A6 takes the lead for having Electrowalls for containment.

But the biggest battle is between the 2nd Gen motor and the new brushless 3rd Gen motor. The latter is the best and is available in the iLIFE A7 pushing its suction power to 1200Pa. The A7 also has an extra cleaning mode totaling to five compared to the four in the A6.

Lastly, and perhaps the last nail on the A6’s coffin is the Wi-Fi compatibility for Smartphone operation.

iLIFE A7 vs. A6 Winner – Here, the iLIFE A7 is without doubt the best. The only advantage the iLIFE A6 may have is the slim design, but as I said earlier, a 2-inches difference is negligible. The extra cleaning mode, Gen 3 motor, higher suction, larger, and Wi-Fi leave the A6 with no option but to concede defeat!

iLIFE A6 vs. A8

iLIFE A6 vs. A8

I know the ILIFE A6 has been a dominant force as far as ILIFE robot vacuum cleaners are concerned. Over the years, it has reigned as the best ILIFE robot vacuum, but finally, it got its match in the ILIFE A8.

Though these two have quite a lot in common, several remarkable differences will inform our decision about the winner.

 Good ChoiceBest Choice
Product ImageILIFE A6ILIFE A8
MotorGen 2 motorGen 3 Nidec® brushless motor
Suction power1000Pa1200Pa
NavigationAdvanced sensorsPanoView CV-SLAM
Boundary markingElectrowallNo
Floor mappingRandomMethodical
Voice AssistantNoi-Voice
Auto resumeNoYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The ILIFE A8 vs. A6 battle is a vicious one with the A6 outdoing the new A8 when it comes to boundary marking. One would want to question why a $500 robot vacuum cleaner would lack any containment method.

But then, the A8 is just too juiced up to go down because of one flaw. It comes with several unique features that justify the high price tag.

The A8 comes with a 3rd Gen motor that is efficient and offers quiet operation.

However, it’s the new VSLAM navigation that gives the A6 a final knockout. It combines data from sensors as well as real-time images making it the best ILIFE robot vacuum for high traffic rooms. The same applies to floor mapping; the CV-SLAM navigation comes through again by planning for a methodical cleaning pattern instead of random movements. The A8 also resumes cleaning after recharging, something the A6 doesn’t do.

iLIFE A8 vs. A6 Winner – Here, there is no doubt that iLIFE A8 carries the crown. The VSLAM navigation system now solves all the previous navigation problems ILIFE robots have. On the other hand, i-Voice enhances hands free operation and is perfect for those with mobility issues. Though the price is a bit off and lacks boundary marking, the kind of navigation it has is what every homeowner dreams about.

ILIFE A7 vs. A8

ILIFE A7 vs. A8

These two happen to be among the latest vacuum cleaners to be released by ILIFE. While they may have been released around the same time, they are quite different, and that explains the price difference.
So, how does the ILIFE A8 vs. A7 battle fair on?

 Best ChoiceGood Choice
Product ImageILIFE A7ILIFE A8
Cleaning Modes54
Bin size0.6 L0.3 L
Recharge300 mins300 mins + resume
NavigationAdvanced sensorsPanoView CV-SLAM
Wi-FiYes, 2.4GHzNo
Auto resumeNoYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The ILIFE A7 and A8 are very close competitors, and each has a fair share of the fans as well as the haters. They are all ideal for hard floors, carpets, pet hair and even allergens. But if you look closely, there are several differences and consequently, pros and cons.

The A7 has three advantages over the A8. It comes with five cleaning modes, a large 0.6L bin which is twice the size of the A8 and lastly, Wi-Fi for Smartphone operation. These are features the much expensive ILIFE A8 lacks.

To counter, the ILIFE A8 brings on the table a negligibly slimmer design, and most notably, a VSLAM navigation. It will also resume cleaning after recharging, something the A7 doesn’t do. These are the main differences that should inform your purchase decision.

iLIFE A8 vs. A7 Winner – This is among the debates that are hard to call because each model has something irresistible. For us, this is more of a draw but to help you make the right decision, here are two takeaways. First, buy the iLIFE A8 if you have a high traffic house with many furniture. The VSLAM navigation is what you need for such crowded floors. It is also, ideal for large apartments because of the auto-resume feature. On the other hand, the ILIFE A7 is excellent if you are keen on a larger bin and most importantly, Smartphone operation.


The V Series is the most popular now that it combines a vacuum as well as a mop. This means you can vacuum and mop your floor simultaneously, using minimal water and without having to break your back.

In the V Series, you will find four basic models; ILIFE V3s Pro, V5s Pro, V7s Pro and V8s Pro. Please note that each model has a base version meaning there are eight different models to choose from in the V Series.
Worth mentioning is the original V1 Series that was unfortunately discontinued.

  Budget ChoiceNice ChoiceGood ChoiceBest Choice
Product ImageILIFE V3s ProILIFE V5s ProILIFE V7s ProILIFE V8s
Type2-in-1 cleaning (dry)2-in-1 cleaning2-in-1 cleaning2-in-1 cleaning
Cleaning SystemCyclonePowerCyclonePowerCyclonePowerCyclonePower
Cleaning Modes4456
Motor1st Gen2nd Gen2nd Gen2nd Gen
Suction power600Pa600Pa / 850Pa600Pa / 850Pa800Pa
MAX modeYesYesYesYes
BrushMain + side brushMain + side brushMain + side brushMain + side brush
FilterHEPA-styleHEPA-styleDual HEPA-styleDual HEPA-style
Bin size0.3L0.3 L0.5 L0.75L
Water tank-0.3L0.45L0.3L
SchedulingYes, 7 daysYes, 7 daysYes, 7 daysYes, 7 days
Battery typeLi-IonLi-IonLi-IonLi-Ion
Battery capacity2600 mAh2600 mAh2600 mAh2600 mAh
Battery runtime90 / 110 mins90 / 110 mins90 / 110 mins100 mins
Battery managementAuto-rechargeAuto-rechargeAuto-rechargeAuto-recharge
Cleaning area / charge120 – 150120 – 150150 - 200150 - 200
NavigationAdvanced sensorsAdvanced sensorsSmart sensorsSmart sensors
Boundary markingNoNoNoNo
Floor mappingRandomRandomSmart scanningi-move
App operationNoNoHome Apps via BluetoothNo
Voice AssistantNoNoNoNo
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

ILIFE V3s vs. V3s Pro

If you are on a budget, here’s a great option to buy now that the V1 Series is hardly available in the market.

The ILIFE V3s Pro has an efficient cleaning system that will vacuum and dry mop floors. It also cleans pet hair pretty well, but on carpets, it flops.

One thing you need to note, it doesn’t work very well in high traffic rooms. But for the price, I can’t complain much since you can always be removing too much clutter on the floor when it’s time to clean. I would recommend night vacuuming when there’s minimal activity. The noise operation is substantially low so that you can enjoy your sleep.

In case you are wondering the difference between the iLIFE V3s and iLIFE V3s Pro, the new Pro model comes with AirWay technology that enhances filtration by separating large debris before they get to the primary filter. It also has larger RoadRover wheels making floor transition a buzz. The V3s Pro also has a longer runtime lasting around 15 minutes longer than the V3s.

  Budget Choice Best Choice
Product ImageILIFE V3sILIFE V3s Pro
Model:ILIFE V3sILIFE V3s Pro
AirWay technologyNoYes
RoadRover wheels58mm diameter65mm diameter
Runtime90 minutes110 minutes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

iLIFE V5s vs. V5s Pro

These robot cleaners replaced the V3s Pro and came with several new additions.

The first notable thing is wet mopping; remember the V3s Series has only dry mopping.

One unique feature is i-dropping technology that guarantees efficient water use. If you have hardwood floors, this is an excellent feature as it exposes your floor to minimal water.

I hope you understand the risk of water to hardwood floors. This one too will clean pet hair and allergens, but on carpets again, it is not suitable. You see, the suction power is not enough to grab particles that are often held by the fibers.

The difference between the V5s Pro and V5s is that the V5s Pro has Max mode and i-dropping technology, essential features the V5s lacks. In addition to this, the iLIFE V5s Pro has larger wheels and longer runtime.
  Budget ChoiceNice Choice
Product ImageILIFE V5sILIFE V5s Pro
Model:ILIFE V5s ILIFE V5s Pro
RoadRover wheels58mm diameter65mm diameter
MAX modeNoYes
Suction power600 Pa600 / 850 Pa
Runtime90 minutes100 minutes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

iLIFE V7s vs. V7s Pro

I don’t find anything much in the iLIFE V7s Pro apart from the breathtaking and aesthetic design. It also comes with a much larger water tank for wet mopping large apartments without your intervention. The bin is also large, but I recommend frequent emptying especially if you have pets.

Speaking of pets, I must commend ILIFE for such a fantastic pet hair cleaner. Not only does this robot pick up pet hair and mop the grime and stains, but it also filters allergens. I’m glad ILIFE equipped it with a dual HEPA-style filter system. All pet related allergens are filtered out leaving you with fresh air.

But as an advanced model, I hoped ILIFE would have invested true-HEPA filters. Another shortcoming, the V7s Pro still moves randomly consequently taking longer and worse enough, skipping some spots.

The difference between the base and ceiling version is that the V7s Pro comes with a larger dustbin, i-dropping technology and the new, dustbin detection technology.
 Good ChoiceBest Choice
Product ImageILIFE V7sILIFE V7s Pro
Model:ILIFE V7sILIFE V7s Pro
Bin size0.3L0.5L
iDropping technologyNoYes
Dust bin detectionNoYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

iLIFE V8s – Mop & Vacuum Cleaner

The V8s is the best vacuum cleaner in the ILIFE V-Series, but not the latest; we have the ILIFE V50 and V55.

This robot vacuum has tried to cover the flaws of the earlier models, and I must say that it does excel. It still has the old navigation system but thanks to an upgraded software, it scans and maps the house and moves in a methodical pattern than the older Series.

Regarding performance, this is the real deal as far as mopping is concerned. It is thorough and very efficient with water usage. The dustbin is also bigger, 0.75 L whereas the water tank is a 0.3L.

But remember, this robot vacuum is ideal for hard floors and pet hair only. On carpets, it gets overwhelmed, and from its low suction, it is not a carpet robot vacuum.

Unlike the other V Series robot vacuums, this one has the base model only, maybe iLIFE will release the Pro version later in the year.

iLIFE V3s Pro vs. V5s Pro

iLIFE V3s Pro vs. V5s Pro

These two are among the cheapest iLIFE robot vacuums in the market. But the iLIFE V5s is superior to the V3s in many ways. If you look at the price difference, it is so slender such that buying the V3s is not a smart idea. You’d rather top up the few bucks and get the extra features.
So, what are these extras that the V5s Pro is bringing on board?

  Budget ChoiceNice Choice
Product ImageILIFE V3s ProILIFE V5s Pro
Model:ILIFE V3s ProILIFE V5s Pro
TypeVacuum + dry moppingVacuum + dry & wet mopping
Motor1st Gen2nd Gen
Suction power600Pa600Pa / 850Pa
MAX modeNoYes
Infrared sensorsNoYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The V3s is an old ILIFE robot vacuum model. I would compare it very much to the Roomba 650; no fancy features, just raw power. The first notable difference from the V5s Pro is the cleaning orientation. While the V3s Pro offers vacuuming and dry mopping only, the V5s Pro has a water tank to facilitate wet mopping.

The war is waged further with the V5s bring a new 2nd Gen motor that is more efficient and quieter. Perhaps the talking point is the new high power mode called Max Mode. The V3s lacks this great feature that makes carpet cleaning a buzz. Lastly, the infrared sensors in the V5s Pro takes navigation to a new level. These sensors are designed for localization which enhances the navigation intelligence of the vacuum. That’s why the V5s Pro doesn’t get stuck as often as the V3s.

iLIFE V5s Pro vs. V3s Pro Winner – The V5s Pro is our choice here for having modern features. But what makes it the ultimate winner is the price; it retails at almost the same price as the V3s so for no reason should you leave the V5s Pro for the V3s.

iLIFE V5s Pro vs. V7s Pro

iLIFE V5s Pro vs. V7s Pro

These two robot vacuum cleaners have managed to penetrate the market for two reasons – 2-in-1 cleaning and the affordability.

If you have hardwood floors, and pets, these two should be on your wish list. But what’s the best option between the two? That’s what we are about to find out.

 Nice ChoiceBest Choice
Product ImageILIFE V5s ProILIFE V7s Pro
Model:ILIFE V5s ProILIFE V7s Pro
Cleaning Modes45
FilterHEPA-styleDual HEPA-style
Bin size0.3 L0.5 L
Water tank0.3L0.45L
Cleaning area / charge120 – 150150 - 200
NavigationAdvanced sensorsSmart sensors
Floor mappingRandomSmart scanning
App operationNoHome Apps via Bluetooth
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The V7s Pro is bigger and better than the V5s Pro. These two iLIFE V Series robots can vacuum and mop (wet & dry). But one difference is in their water tanks and dustbin. iLIFE V7s has a larger water tank that can hold 0.45L and a 0.5L dust bin. The V7s Pro can also clean a larger floor area than the V5s Pro because of one reason, floor mapping.

The V7s uses Smart sensors to map your house first, resulting in faster cleaning. But what makes the V7s Pro the best is the Smartphone operation. It can be controlled from the Home Apps via Bluetooth, unlike the iLIFE A7 that supports Smartphone operation via Wi-Fi.

iLIFE V7s Pro vs. V5s Winner – The iLIFE V7s Pro is the ultimate winner now that it has some desirable extras. At least it supports Smartphone operation via Bluetooth. The performance might be the same as the V5s Pro, but when it comes to efficiency, the V7s takes the crown. It uses Smart sensors to map your floors and plans for a methodical and patterned cleaning. The water tank and dustbin are also larger meaning it will clean for a long time without requiring your intervention.

iLIFE V7s Pro vs. V8s

iLIFE V7s vs. V8s

These two are the best of the best models in the ILIFE V Series. They offer better cleaning performance including mopping and are Smart too. Their prices are in the same region and would both suit a homeowner with hard floors, carpets, pet hair, and allergens.

But still, there are several differences worth noting, as illustrated in the table below.

 Best ChoiceGood Choice
Product ImageILIFE V7s ProILIFE V8s
Model:ILIFE V7s ProILIFE V8s
Cleaning Modes56
Bin size0.5 L0.75L
Water tank0.45L0.3L
Floor mappingSmart scanningi-move
App operationHome Apps via BluetoothNo
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The new iLIFE V8s comes with one extra cleaning mode, and that puts it ahead of the V7s Pro this early. It goes further ahead courtesy of a 0.75L dustbin compared to the 0.5L dustbin the V7s Pro offers. But the V7s Pro answers back with a larger water tank making it the best for mopping large apartments. When it comes to floor mapping, I like the fact that they both have Smart sensors for Smart floor scanning.

But the V8s comes with a new technology called i-move that ensures complete floor coverage during moping. This also makes it an excellent robot mop for large apartments. Finally, the V7s Pro supports Smartphone operation via Bluetooth whereas the V8s has only the remote.

iLIFE V8s vs. V7s Pro Winner – This one is tough to call as one offers more cleaning modes, a larger dust bin, and an advanced mapping system while on the other side of the grass, Smartphone operation is irresistible. Here, make a decision what you want; if you wish for Smartphone operation, the V7s Pro is your match. For those who are keen on cleaning performance, especially moping, i-move technology should move you thus the B8s is the best purchase.

iLIFE V50 vs. V55

iLIFE V50 vs. V55

If you have been keen on the tech news, you have probably heard of the ILIFE V50 and V55. These are two new models that are more or less the same as the ILIFE V5s and V7s Series. But one thing you will notice about these two vacuums is that they have higher suction power and can work on both carpets and hard floors.

Here are some of the differences that you should be aware of when shopping.

 Good ChoiceBest Choice
Product ImageILIFE V50ILIFE V55
TypeVacuum + dry moppingVacuum + dry & wet mopping
Boundary markingNoElectrowalls
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The V55 and V50 share quite a lot in common. They can clean carpets, hard floors, pet hair and allergens. They also offer mop function, and that’s where the first difference comes in. The V50 can only provide dry mopping, but the V55 comes with an integrated tank for wet mopping.

Another thing, the V55 has been designed with Electrowalls technology. This means you can set limits for the vacuum cleaner just like Virtual Walls in Roombas or No-Go Lines in Neato Botvac. These are by far the significant differences we know of, but once we lay our hands on them, we shall review them in depth.

iLIFE V55 vs. V50 Winner – For now, the V55 seems to be the winner here now that it comes with extra features. But once we get to know the local prices once they hit the market, that’s when we can say who the real winner is. For now, it’s only speculation!

What is the Best iLIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

We are almost coming to the end of this iLIFE comparison review. Now, it is time to look back and answer the central question of the day, what is the best iLIFE vacuum cleaner?

I know you might have already settled on one but here’s the thing. There is no such thing as the best iLIFE robot vacuum cleaner. What you should do is pick the right iLIFE robot vacuum cleaner for the job.

Just like Roombas, Botvacs, and PowerBots, there is a vacuum cleaner designed for different cleaning needs.



The A-Series is considered the elite series of ILIFE and has some of the sleekest and high-end vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, the V Series is a blend of vacuuming and mopping. This explains why all A-Series offer vacuuming only while the V Series consists of 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners (vacuum & mop)

If you decide to buy an ILIFE vacuum cleaner today, you will probably want to purchase either the A8 or the V8s. These two are the latest models in each series. Both vacuums can clean hardwood, tile, pet hair and allergens.

But what’s the catch in each model?

 Best ChoiceGood Choice
Product ImageILIFE A8ILIFE V8s
TypeVacuumVacuum + mop
Motor3rd Gen2nd Gen
Suction power1200Pa800Pa
MAX modeYesNo
NavigationPanoView CV-SLAMSmart sensors
Floor mappingVSLAMi-move
Voice Assistanti-VoiceNo
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Structurally, the iLIFE A8 has been designed in a slimmer design than the V8s Pro though the difference is negligible.

The significant difference is regarding the cleaning orientation; the V8s is a robot vacuum with a mop integrated while the A8 is a robot vacuum only. If you look at the features, you will realize that while they have all been designed to handle pet messes, one has been designed for hardwood floors while the other one is for carpets.

The V8s is the ideal candidate for a house with pets and a hardwood floor because of the mop function. On the other hand, the Gen 3 motor in the A8 delivers enough suction for maximum action in the deepest parts of carpet fabric.

The other significant difference is regarding the navigation system. The new A8 marks a shift from the old generation SLAM navigation to the new VSLAM navigation. Remember, only a few robot vacuum models have VSLAM navigation; the likes of Roomba 960, Roomba 980, Dyson 360 Eye and a few others. This makes the ILIFE A8 a top competitor in the market, beating new models like the D7 Connected that still uses SLAM navigation. The ILIFE V8s also uses SLAM navigation, and that gives the A8 an advantage over it. If you have a lot of furniture, buy the A8 because it is more intelligent.

iLIFE A8 vs. V7s Pro Winner – Candidly speaking, the iLIFE A8 is the best here even though it doesn’t have a mop function. The intelligent navigation system is what everyone has been expecting now that ILIFE vacuums are notorious for getting stuck in high traffic rooms. But if you want a mop, then the V8s is still a great option. I’m sure in the V8s upgrade, there will be a better navigation system and Wi-Fi for Smart operation. Otherwise, the ILIFE A8 is our winner for today!


We have finally come to the end of this ILIFE comparison review. Candidly speaking, no one ever though iLIFE could grow to become such a big baby.

Everyone rubbed it off and took it for just any other cheap Chinese brand, but a decade later, it is among the best robot vacuum brands thanks to its innovation.

If you were not sure what iLIFE model to buy, I hope this comparison review has made everything clean. If you enjoyed reading, or you have any questions, talk to us in the comments.

iLIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaners Comparison Review
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