Neato vs Roomba

Neato vs. Roomba – Comparison Review

The Neato vs. Roomba debate gets hotter by the day. The recent release of the D7 Connected by Neato Robotics was a red flag to iRobot. It further fueled the controversy on what’s the best robot vacuum brand considering the unique features it brought on board. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, these two are a[…]

Deebot N79 vs N79S

Deebot N79 vs N79S – Comparison Review

By comparing robotic vacuum cleaners such as the Deebot N79 vs N79s, you find out that they were designed mainly to make cleaning easier and faster without the need for human intervention. Since their functioning is quite similar, it most people assume that they are 100% similar. Apparently, there are a myriad of differences in their designs, functioning,[…]