Roomba 690 vs 890

Roomba 690 vs 890 – What is the best option to buy?

In as much as the Roomba 900 Series boasts the best and latest features, the Roomba 690 and 890 have remained afloat in the market courtesy of their affordability. At least they cost several hundred dollars lesser than the 960 and 980. But then, when shopping, it might be hard for you to settle on one of them.[…]

Deebot N79 vs N79S

Deebot N79 vs N79S – Comparison Review

By comparing robotic vacuum cleaners such as the Deebot N79 vs N79s, you find out that they were designed mainly to make cleaning easier and faster without the need for human intervention. Since their functioning is quite similar, it most people assume that they are 100% similar. Apparently, there are a myriad of differences in their designs, functioning,[…]

Roomba 890 vs Roomba 960 vs Roomba 980 Comparison Review

The debate on the best Roomba models is majorly around the Roomba 960 vs 980. But still, the 890 has refused to bow down and still give the two a run for their money for one reason; it’s very affordable. That said, it is very difficult for homeowners to make a choice when shopping for these Roombas. Having[…]