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Best Roomba Black Friday Deals 2020

Best Roomba Black Friday DealsBest Black Friday Roomba Deals 2020

November is the most wonderful time for shoppers! Black Friday, the year’s biggest shopping holiday, is the day for the best deals on various products, and smart tech tends to have the steepest price cuts.

So, if you have been wanting a Roomba for so long, Black Friday is the day to make your dream come true!

Last year, Amazon featured the iRobot Roomba i7 for $250 off. There will be a lot of Roomba Black Friday deals floating around again in 2020. There is also a good shot that it will extend into Cyber Monday. How great is that?

Yet, securing a killer deal on a life-saving Roomba isn’t always a walk in the park. Black Friday is fast approaching, so you better prepare yourself by reading more about the best Roomba lineup.

Best Roomba Cyber Monday Deals

Why Should I Buy a Roomba on Black Friday?

Why should you invest in a robot vacuum — an expensive Roomba, to be exact? Many homeowners are still hesitant if the investment pays off.

Let me start by saying that cleaning our home is an integral part of our life whether we like it or not. But because time is gold, we would rather be doing a hundred things other than cleaning floors. Life is too short to be stressed by housework!

Fortunately, we live in the modern era where we don’t have to rely on kleptomaniac cleaners to clean our home.

Having a robovac saves us energy and time, so we can focus on more important things in life. When the robovac craze kicked off, iRobot is at the forefront, no less. That is why many people have mistakenly generalized robot vacuums as Roombas, but Roomba is the brand name manufactured by iRobot.

Many robot vacuum brands are competing against Roomba nowadays. Yet Roombas remain the most expensive robot vacuums on the market despite the competition. The reason for that is high-quality and trailblazing technology and features.

So, what is the benefit of buying a Roomba on Black Friday?

Black Friday – what is it. Black Friday in 2020 is planned on November 27th.. Many brick-and-mortar stores and online platforms offer huge discounts on Roombas on Black Friday.

The following Monday is called Cyber Monday. New deals will be released from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the steepest discounts are often found on Black Friday.

But you need to ensure these retailers stock the product you are looking for.

Black Friday Roomba Deals to Watch In 2020

It is best to research the products beforehand to avoid splurging on a few units that you might regret later. This should be an easy task, but sometimes, the excitement gets the best of us.

So, check out these suitable candidates for your home. Roomba offers a plethora of different robot vacuums to benefit a wide range of users, and the most popular ones are the following:

Roomba 614

The 614 is iRobot’s most affordable Roomba model. This robovac navigates using a suite of sensors and offers a decent cleaning performance, thanks to its 3-Stage Cleaning System.

However, the lower cost means you have to give up on some modern features (Wi-Fi connectivity, scheduled cleanings, Virtual Wall Barrier, etc.). You will just have to operate your bot manually.
Roomba’s least expensive model retailed at $380 and went down to $250 on Black Friday last year, giving consumers a 40% discount. The Roomba 614 now retails at $250, so we are hoping to see good discount once again.


The Roomba 675 is an ideal choice for those whose budget is tight. This model doesn’t boast of fancy features, but it comes with all the necessary qualities to help keep your home neat and tidy.

Dander, pet hair, and dust can’t hide from the 3-stage Cleaning System of the Roomba 675. This model also highlights Dirt Detect™ technology to clean up muddy tracks and kitty litter trails.

Likewise, this unit is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free operation.

Please forgive the Roomba 675 if it travels randomly. There will be a few missed areas on its first attempt, but by its second or third time, rest assured you can walk on your floors barefoot!

The Roomba 675 retailed at $270 and was found on sale for as much as $200 on Black Friday last year. That is 25% discount right off the bat! Although the 675 bounced back to its original price, we’re sure we will be seeing the same discount. However, last year’s experience showed that iRobot is reluctant to offer bigger discounts on its budget products.


The Roomba 690 is comparable to the 675, despite being more expensive.

The only difference between the two is that the 690 comes with a Virtual Wall Barrier® — an accessory that prevents your robovac from entering particular areas of your home.

If you have little clutter bugs who scatter Hot Wheels and Legos inside their room, this feature will be handy.
The Roomba 690 is an old model, so last year, we saw limited stocks. In November 2019, the price dropped to $250. This year, the regular price raised a lot (on Amazon, Roomba 690 costs about $400). Deals with $100 off will be the best. However, even such a reduced price seems to be too much for this functionality.

The Roomba e5 does not equip cutting-edge qualities, such as Imprint ™ Smart Mapping. However, this robovac boasts of a cleaning performance that is nearly identical to the i7.

The biggest strength of the Roomba e5 is its central brush system. This model uses double counter-rotating brushes that minimize maintenance by avoiding tangles; thus, it releases more pet/human hair straight into the bin.

That aside, it equips a highly-efficient filter that benefits allergy sufferers.

Additionally, this model applies Brush Adaptive Height technology for deeper cleaning in carpets. This unit also comes with a Virtual Wall Barrier® and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Despite its cleaning prowess, the Roomba e5 costs about half as much as the i7 because it doesn’t recharge itself and resume cleaning.

Currently, the product costs $370. Last year, it dropped to $280 per item. Speaking about this Black Friday, some discounts are kept a secret to keep buyers hyped up, but since the Roomba e5 is a favorite among the masses, perhaps, we are going to enjoy another discount this time around. There are several deals at $80-$100 offs that are available now.

Costing less than its e5 brother, Roomba e6 is going to offer us a 30%-35% discount this year.

Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 doesn’t support manual navigation, but instead, it utilizes iAdapt® 2.0 technology with vSLAM® navigation. This robovac calculates the best route possible and maneuvers quickly around furniture. Transitioning from one surface to another is also an easy feat for the 960.

Aside from its smart navigation, the Roomba 960 also has a “charge and resume” feature.

Since obstacles won’t slow down this robot, you aren’t wasting battery. The 160-minute runtime will have more coverage compared to regular vacs.

The 960 is a step-up from the e5, but it sits a few steps behind the i7. This model certainly isn’t cheap, but it’s a good deal considering you get many advanced features. The voice activation and detailed cleaning reports are just savvy.

We have seen many price drops of the Roomba 960 throughout the year. At the moment, Amazon takes $400 for this model. Last year, its price was dropped down by $100, which was 20% off of the full cost. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing similar discounts on Black Friday this year.

Roomba i7/i7+

If you aren’t faithful at cleaning yet you want an immaculate home, pin your hopes on the Roomba i7 or i7+!

These Roombas bring a lot to the table, offering the latest and greatest robot vacuum technologies.

Among these stellar features include the 3-Stage Cleaning System, iAdapt® 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM® technology, and Imprint™ Smart Mapping.

These robovacs also equip dual multi-surface rubber brushes and a high-efficiency filter that could trap 99% of minute particles, such as pollen and mold spores. Beyond that, the i7 series has 10x air power compared to the 600 Series.

But between these two Roombas, the i7+ has the upper hand because it has the Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal.

The Roomba i7+ is the world’s first robot vacuum that empties itself. Nevertheless, you can always upgrade your i7 by getting the Clean Base™ later on.

Now that the Roomba s9/s9+ has dethroned the Roomba i7/i7+, we will most likely see a price reduction for Black Friday, as well. The models cost up to $800. This November, customers are waiting for 15% and 20% discounts on coupons.

Roomba S9/S9+

Till recently, the s9/s9+ were the newest members of the Roomba family, and they definitely stay the most advanced. These robots are guided by iAdapt® 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM® technology.

With its new D-shape and advanced sensors, also known as PerfectEdge®, the s9 cleans edges and corners far better than its predecessors.

This unit also applies Imprint™ Smart Mapping and boasts of 40x more suction power compared to the Roomba 600 Series.

Because of its incredible suction power and dual multi-surface rubber brushes, the Roomba s9+ tackles shiny hardwood floors, high-pile carpets, and anything in between.

The s9+ takes care of the entire cleaning process, as well. The robot empties its bin via the Clean Base™ each time it docks back for charging or after cleaning.

But if you want to save upfront costs, you may opt for the s9 and get the Clean Base™ at a later time.

The Roomba s9 and s9+ surely have exorbitant pricing, given they are iRobot’s newest models. The regular cost exceeds $1000. Let’s cross our fingers and hope we will see at least a 10% discount, which will already save us $100 and more.

In September 2020, iRobot presented the new Roomba i3/i3+ generation vacuums. As we’ve mentioned before, they didn’t become the most innovative but offered similar functions.

In a word, Roomba i3/i3+ represent a more budget option of the i7/i7+ robots. Users pay $400 and get the same 10x air power suction, multi-surface adjustable brushes, and Dirt Disposal Base. The only and main difference that explains the lower price is the lack of Smart Mapping.

During the Black Friday 2020, customers will get the opportunity to purchase the models at discounts for the first time. Due to the relatively low price compared with smart filling and other iRobot vacuums, we predict minor drops. The $40-$50 off deals will be worth accepting.

Roomba i6+

The list of iRobot dry vacuum cleaners ends with other brand-new products Roomba i6/i6+. Like the previous devices, these cleaners continued the I series and entered the market just a couple of months ago.

Roomba i6/i6+ and Roomba s9/s9+ are connected by analogy with the i3/i3+ and i7/i7+ models. The new devices offer the same anti-allergen treatment typical for the advanced S series, feature mapping and Automatic Dirt Disposal.

However, like the S bots, the i6/i6+ are not affordable options. You will have to pay $700-$800 for the cleaners. And since they have never been on sale before, we cannot predict the exact off. Let’s hope for $80-$100 discounts.

Braava Jet M6

The Braava Jet M6 is a well-rounded robot, which aims to take most of the hard work out of mopping and sweeping.

The bot uses electrostatic force to capture dander, dirt, dust, and pet hair on sweeping mode.

Meanwhile, you can use the Braava Jet Hard Floor Cleaning Solution on wet mopping mode to leave your floors smelling fresh.

So far, the Braava Jet M6 is the only robot mop with Wi-Fi integration from iRobot.

Using Imprint™ Link technology, it communicates with the Roomba i7, i7+, S9, and S9+ robot vacuums. The M6 offers zone mapping and a “recharge and resume” feature as well.

Discounts up to 30% are expected, so don’t miss your dream deal!

Braava 380

The Braava 380 is also an excellent option if you are tired of the manual labor that comes with mopping.

This model has a total runtime of 210 minutes in sweeping mode and 150 minutes in mopping mode.

Although you may still need a typical mop for large volumes of liquid and weekly deep cleanings.

The 380 works fine for day-to-day messes.

iRobot mopping robots are usually rather expensive for an average customer, but the coming Thanksgiving sales is going to make them more affordable by at least $50-$70.

How to Find the Best Roomba Deals on Black Friday

Some merchants take advantage of Black Friday by pushing out their outdated products. That is why you need to do your research and make an informed decision beforehand.

Otherwise, you could fall for a mediocre product with a considerable discount. Since the stocks might be limited, it is wise to shop the minute deals kick-off.

Take note — sale starts on the actual date, although you might be seeing deals in advanced.

Now the question is — should you buy in-store or online?

We recommend buying online for the following reasons:

  • You can compare prices and find killer deals from an infinite amount of stores
  • You don’t have to wait in line or fight an angry crowd
  • Your orders will be shipped to your front door

Once again, Amazon will reign on the biggest shopping holiday of the year, as expected of the world’s largest e-retailer.

Online shopping is getting more popular than ever before because of the convenience it brings. When it comes to Roombas, you will certainly see the same great deals online as in stores. There is no reason for you to join the mayhem!

So, fret not if Santa didn’t make your wish come true last Christmas. The biggest shopping holiday of the year is fast approaching!

When Black Friday finally arrives, you will be among the first few to grab those fantastic deals. Happy hunting!

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