Deebot vs Roomba

Deebot vs Roomba Comparison Review

After hearing the words “robotic vacuum cleaner”, most people think of either Ecovac’s Deebot or iRobot’s Roomba. By listening to the customer’s needs and constantly improving their products, both companies have earned the recognition they have today. A question that is more difficult to answer, however, is which one is best. With that challenge in mind, this article[…]

The Best Roomba For Pet Hair

Your four-footed family members can be one of the sweetest, nicest parts of your life. However, no matter what type of furry pet you have, they will shed. Even the short-haired family members will drop and attempting to manage all of the pet hair and keep the house clean can feel like a full-time job at best, and[…]

Neato vs Roomba

Neato vs. Roomba – Comparison Review

The Neato vs. Roomba debate gets hotter by the day. The recent release of the D7 Connected by Neato Robotics was a red flag to iRobot. It further fueled the controversy on what’s the best robot vacuum brand considering the unique features it brought on board. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, these two are a[…]